Always On Edge Not Only LED Pro Mod APK 6.5.2

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With AOE you can personalize your phone in many ways and make it as unique as you are. It contains too many features with detailed options so that it can be customized as you like lighting effects for multiple important events such as device charging, ongoing or outgoing calls, music playing, screen wallpaper and many other events. Notification lighting can also be across the screen or on the front camera or both with many other lighting options such as led style with a variety of animations. This app contains some functions which are partially or completely dependent on the Android Accessibility Service API.

the main purpose of this app is not an accessibility tool but it can be used thereby by deaf or hard of hearing people like when their phone is close to them and they can’t hear the notification sound or groove, so from this app the light effects can know from which app they have received a notification and that they send them just at a glance the colors and effects set by them.

* Can be customized to function highly flexibly within the always displayed system or independently, or even both as the tap to light function.
* You can customize the lighting color and style distinctively for each app and also for each contact or account name.
* Lighting placement and style can be differentiated between screen states, for example it can be set to light up around the camera hole during the screen
* with a block list to prevent notifications received from a particular person from turning on.
* Conversely, it can ignore all notifications from an app except those of a person you care about, so it will only turn on for that one.
* It also has additional more useful features such as Reminder which will repeat the lighting every few seconds along with a customizable sound alert
* You can also choose when the app should stop glowing and how the app handles receiving multiple notifications such as the mixer option
* It also has many options to restrict its work such as preventing the app from turning on if the device is charging
* The brightness of the lighting can be adjusted regardless of the lighting method, also you can set a high brightness for the lights

Supported Android Devices :- [7.0 – 7.1.1] Nougat – [8.0-8.1] Oreo – [9] Pie – Android 10 – Android 11

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