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Kievan Rus’ 2 Premium is a large-scale economic strategy in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Lead a small kingdom and turn it into a huge and powerful empire! Manage it through the ages, explore new technologies, expand your empire and become the hero of an epic story. Fight with other countries and prove yourself as a wise king and a successful military commander.
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Oct 25, 2023
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Kievan Rus’ 2 Premium transports players to the intriguing world of medieval dynastic gameplay. As the ruler of a budding kingdom, you must guide your rule into a dominant empire through cunning strategy across generations. With deep strategic challenges, rich diplomatic intrigue and extensive world exploration, Kievan Rus’ 2 offers an immersive medieval strategy experience. Kievan Rus’ 2 caters to all gamer preferences with online and offline single-player modes.

Take your empire on the road and continue your conquests offline through long journeys and travels. With seamless, internet-free gameplay, Kievan Rus’ 2 offers unparalleled medieval strategy portability.Far beyond casual gameplay, experienced players will appreciate the complexity of strategic empire growth in Kievan Rus’ 2. Balancing economic, technological, diplomatic, and military development requires a finesse that few strategy titles can match.

Choose one of dozens of unique civilizations and navigate your own unique path to global primacy. Fund your global conquests through deep resource management and tech trees. Organize the extraction, processing and production of resources to equip your military might. Trade with allies and enemies to accumulate further wealth. Then invest your empire’s generosity in scientific research. Applying new knowledge in key areas, from battle tactics to infrastructure, and spending technological power wisely is essential to supremacy.

Wage wars if necessary, but seasoned emperors know that diplomacy often prevails where brute force falters. Build embassies in other empires and leverage non-aggression pacts, trade agreements, defense alliances, technology sharing, and other agreements to advance your empire’s interests. Diplomatic skill can avoid destructive wars on multiple fronts. Extend your imperial reach by colonizing unknown lands. Establish control over new territories to exploit their resources and spread your empire’s influence.

Colonies can also serve as a staging ground for larger conquests or as a buffer between rival empires. Manage them wisely and they will propel your civilization to lasting world leadership.

* Deep strategic component: It’s easy to win playing for Byzantium or France, but try doing it for Poland or Norway!
* Offline mode Kievan Rus 2 can be played offline without the Internet: on the go, on the plane, on the subway, it will always be with you.
* Diplomacy builds embassies, concludes trade agreements, non-aggression pacts, defense agreements, research agreements. Improve relations with other states.
* The economy organizes the development of deposits, the collection and processing of resources
* Trade organizes trade with other countries, buys and sells food, resources and military equipment.
* Colonization discovers new territories, establishes control over them, conducts missionary work in the colonized territories.
* Scientific Development There are 63 different technologies available for the development of your empire.
* War and Army hire numerous medieval warriors, such as knights and spearmen.
* Barbarians fight barbarians and decisively put an end to their incursions into your empire.
* Pay for the war by pursuing a flexible military policy. If you see that your army will not be able to defeat the enemy attacking your empire
* The command appoints people to key positions in the army and imperial court who will strengthen your kingdom.
* Pirates and pirate brotherhoods establish your control over the seas so that pirates are afraid of the imperial fleet!



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