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Dive into the thrilling world of organized crime in a role-playing card-style game, where you ascend to the pinnacle of the criminal underworld, experiencing fate as a mafia boss or other key characters. Discover unique criminal sagas across different eras in America and beyond.
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Nov 11, 2022
Nov 24, 2023
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Say goodbye to Candy Crush and forget solitaire because a new card game has arrived that will let you channel your inner mob boss. Welcome to “The Story of the Mafia,” an action-packed adventure where you’ll battle the law, elected officials, and competing mafia families. In this intricate game of strategy, decisions and high-stakes battles, will you create a criminal empire or face the consequences? Every choice you make matters and could be your last.

Wait, wise men! This game excels at drawing players into its disturbing, almost palpable world. “The Story of the Mafia” offers a truly cinematic experience with a meticulously created backdrop and an original soundtrack that sets the mood perfectly.The gunpowder and weight of the gold bars you are about to wash are almost palpable. The audio and video components of the game blend together to give you the impression that you are actually in the middle of the action.

Every move in a world where power is all that matters is a calculated chess move. Decisions are crucial. Deciding to bribe a police officer This could evade the law but anger a rival family. Invest in a start-up Excellent for cash flow, but be careful: smoke may be smelling around. Every action you take in this ever-evolving game determines the outcome; we’re not just debating a few critical decisions here and there.

Before you send Jimmy the Fish to “take care” of a rival, trust us, you should think twice: the clever incorporation of economic elements forces you to manage your finances like a respectable mobster. Your income increases with each asset you purchase, but you are also under increased scrutiny from the government and your competitors. Not to be overlooked are the “bribe” cards that could tip the decision in your favor. But remember that you have to fill your bank account for more than just illegal activities: you have a family to support!

* Strategic gameplay: Fight for power at every turn, with every choice and card played shaping your destiny.
* Dynamic Economy: Acquire companies to launder money, increasing revenue at every turn, but be careful not to attract unwanted attention from the law and competitors.
* Powerful Bribes: Use help cards to survive the relentless power struggle, but remember, money is key to acquiring feats
* Expansive Storyline: Unlock new card decks based on your actions, expanding the Mafia’s story and introducing formidable and influential characters.
* Non-Linear Narrative: Engage in racketeering, smuggling, political manipulation and more, with your decisions impacting the direction and outcome of the game.
* In each new story, a world of exciting mechanics is revealed: master the art of locksmithing and safe picking
* Immerse yourself in the dark and realistic world of the mafia, full of danger, intrigue and unexpected twists.


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