Raising a Heavenly Horse Idle RPG MOD APK God Mod Currency Loot Multiplier

This time it's a thousand! The only child in the world, the owner of 100,000 mountains,
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Nov 26, 2023
Jan 19, 2024
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Saddle up for an epic incremental RPG adventure with Raising Tenma Idle RPG! This unique game lets you raise and train a celestial horse from a foal to a legendary mount fit for the gods. With extensive skill trees, equipment crafting, and idle gameplay, 천마 키우기 offers a new take on farming games. The heart of Raising Tenma Idle RPG is your bond with Cheonma, an enchanted horse with divine blood. Watch your foal grow from a lanky newborn to a majestic warhorse as you train and improve him over time. Customize your horse’s equipment, colors, and stats to fit your playstyle.

Guide Cheonma into battle and fight alongside your mount, combining abilities for devastating attacks. The more you adventure together, the stronger your celestial horse will become. Unlock various martial arts schools and cultivate them to gain active skills. Assign stat points at each level to specialize as a fighter, mage, or hybrid. Craft powerful gear and legendary weapons to enhance your abilities. Combining Cheonma’s talents with your developed character makes you an unstoppable duo against any foe! One of the coolest parts of 천마 키우기 is the idle gameplay aspects.

Even when not actively playing, Cheonma trains himself to slowly increase his strength over time. Simply check in every day to increase your horse’s levels and collect rewards. Take on passive missions and battles that progress offline. Idle mechanics allow you to get stronger with minimal effort. Cheonma never stops cultivating! Crisp character graphics, smooth battle animations, and vibrant environmental scenes bring the fantasy world to life. Watch your horse gallop fluidly across open plains under a sunset or trot elegantly through groves of sakura.

* Special launch event! Free summon weapons and armor 1000 times!
* If you start now, we will give you 1,000,000 diamonds! Invest and grow as you like!
* Combine various skins and swords! Only in Raising a Heavenly Horse can you encounter thousands of thousands of concepts!
* Rise to legend level, the detachment level where a mountain can be destroyed with one hand!
* Acquire numerous martial arts, starting with the celestial demon martial arts “Cheonma’s Ruler”!
* Complete the constant metamorphosis, a body close to that of a god!
* Record impossible achievements and become the ruler of numerous dungeons!
* Stats/Sealed Stats/Skills Experience various growth paths!
* The path to infinite growth! Endless battlefield! The footprints left by the Celestial Demon will become history!




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