SSSnaker MOD APK Unlimited Money God Mod High Damage

A Snake X Bullet Hell roguelite shooter that no one's ever seen!
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Jun 21, 2023
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SSSnaker is an outstanding game that blends the Snake and Bullet Hell genres with rogue* lite elements to create an addictive gaming experience. It offers the players an exciting adventure full of slithering silky smooth snakes and unique area of effect attacks, rogue*lite skills and head-butt features. Players can control a snake that moves seamlessly across the screen and use area-of-effect attacks to defeat their enemies. The snake’s movements are incredibly responsive, allowing players to easily dodge enemy projectiles and obstacles.

Area Attacks add another layer of strategy to the gameplay, as players can use them to quickly clear large swathes of enemies. The generally smooth slithering snake and unique area-of-effect attacks delight this game. Rogue*lite skills and snakehead collision features are two other major components of SSSnaker. The strategy of the game is enhanced by the player’s ability to gain additional skills as he plays the game. The snake head collision feature also adds a strategic aspect to the game, as players must avoid interacting with objects or enemies to live, or so they thought. Due to this addition, the game requires more skill and strategy.

* Sensational fun with silky smooth snake slithering with unique area of effect attacks
* All new roguelite skills and snake head collision features for that strategic spark
* A myriad of monsters and game features that will test your skill limits
* Kaleidoscopic Bullet Hell for maximum snake intensity!




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How to install SSSnaker MOD APK Unlimited Money God Mod High Damage 1.1.2 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded SSSnaker MOD APK Unlimited Money God Mod High Damage 1.1.2 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

What's new

New Snake: Jungle Flash
New Relic: Plant Relic*2 - new free Relics
New Season: Jungle Shadows - gain blessings and reach for epic rewards
New Feature: Mine Treasure Hunt - earn tons of rare rewards
For even more exciting events, follow us on FB: @SSSnaker