Trudograd APK Full Version 1.0.61

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For those who savor the nostalgia and thrill of the bleak beauty of post-apocalyptic worlds, Trudograd stands like a shining beacon. Like a fine, radioactive wine matured in the ruins of the former Soviet Union, this expansion of the self-contained story of the ATOM role-playing game revives the spirit of celebrated cRPG classics such as the first Fallout, Wasteland, and the Baldur’s Gate series.

Suspend your disbelief and immerse yourself in a sprawling post-apocalyptic metropolis, a world miraculously unscathed by nuclear destruction and social decay. More than 45 crowded locations, from secret Soviet military bunkers to a massive pirate tanker, wait to be explored in over 40 hours of gameplay. Whether it’s the icy expanse of a frozen sea or the mystery of a remote island, Trudograd promises an expedition of epic proportions.

Sharpen your survival instincts as you visit over 30 combat-only locations, each teeming with mercenaries and relentless mutants. Each encounter is a test of your courage as you battle many enemies, each unique and menacing. Prepare to face the savage realities of post-apocalyptic life in this thrilling survival quest.

With over 300 characters, each boasting a distinctive portrait and branching dialogue, you’ll discover the colorful, sometimes bizarre and often dangerous personalities that populate Trudograd. This game offers an intricate web of interpersonal relationships to explore, ensuring that your interactions will be as memorable as they are challenging.

Take on over 200 missions, each with multiple solutions and outcomes, pushing you to make crucial decisions that will impact your journey. Additionally, you can engage in fully voiced visual text missions with branching storylines and unique hand-crafted artwork, adding an extra layer of immersion to your apocalyptic adventure.

* Start a new game with a new character OR continue playing with your ATOM RPG character
* Explore a vast open world, containing over 40 hours of gameplay and over 45 populated locations
* Visit over 30 combat-only locations where you can fight dozens of varieties of enemies, from mercenaries to ruthless mutants;
* Meet over 300 characters, each with a unique portrait and branching dialogue;
* Complete over 200 missions, most with multiple solutions and outcomes;
* Experience our fully voiced visual text missions with branching storylines and unique hand-crafted artwork;
* Arm yourself with over 100 distinct weapon models with over 75 weapon mods for further customization;
* Protect yourself using one of 3 unique Soviet-style powered exoskeleton armor


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How to install Trudograd APK Full Version 1.0.61 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Trudograd APK Full Version 1.0.61 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.